No matter how well-executed your Salesforce Solution is, it may still need some additional changes once it starts functioning. For continuous enhancement and improved results, NUNC offers Salesforce support and maintenance services across all Salesforce products. Our team of certified Salesforce developers and administrators together with business analysts is ready to keep your Salesforce solution stable and ensure its fast progress.

Our Support Scope

We take-over the complete development and administration support of your Salesforce solution or handle certain support functions, according to your requirements.


Comes handy for one time support requests where we study your problems on need basis and extend support/fixes within a specified time frame. User management, Code Bugs, Enhancements.


For customers who need regular support activities but don’t necessarily need a full-time administrator/developer to manage their instance. We work on a minimum monthly commitment hours


For customers who need constant support to ensure their users and applications are up and running 24/7. A full-time administrator, developer will be allotted along with an account manager who will be constantly monitoring the account.

Onsite Offshore Support

We combine the best of the onsite and offshore support teams with immediate response time to address any technical issues and time-critical operations.

Looking for support and maintenance services across all Salesforce products?