Mobile Application for Car Dealers


Smart Toolkit is a comprehensive customer experience management (CEM) solution which works very effectively for new car sales and repair centers. It automates every single customer touch point activity using the most advanced and intelligent platform. This not only helps you in cutting down the cost involved in manual work but more importantly, it improves your efficiency there by creating a positive impact on your revenue and brand value. It also enables your customers to connect with you in the most convenient way and accomplish their tasks quite easily. It handles everything right from sending timely and intelligent alerts, handling service bookings, status alerts, payments, feedbacks and many more.
Increase Efficiency
Add value to your service
Increase Sales
How it Helps?

  • Quick Service Booking
  • Quick Test Drive Request
  • Immediate Quote Response
  • Easy & Secure Payments
  • Easy & effective way for customer feedback & grievance redressal.
  • Easy & secure online payments – eliminates cash handling and enables easy reconciliation/accounting.

Features We Have


Automatically send personalized alerts to your customers for important events. It’s easy & cost-effective.

Service Booking
Allow your beloved customers to book, reschedule & cancel service appointments very conveniently and quickly.
Status Tracking
Always keep your customers updated with their vehicle’s real time service status. They would be delighted.

Allow your customers to make service payments, insurance renewals etc.. right from their mobile phones.

Take feedbacks from your customers in the most appropriate way without causing any inconvenience to them.
Analyze customer behaviour, find trends, identify area of opportunities & many more with easy to use.

Create and schedule automated campaigns to decrease customer churn and increase revenues.


Quickly view and generate reports required for anything relating to customer and employee activities.

Having siloed applications is not of any use. Integrate every important application you need with smart toolkit.
Great Support

Except nothing less than the best. An award winning support team is always there with you to help you out of troubles.

Frequent Updates
Keep your customers delighted by showing them how much you care by useful feature additions every now and then.
Data Security
Your data security is of the utmost importance to us. It is a matter of course that we handle your data responsibly.
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