We provide master level Salesforce implementation services from small companies to large enterprises. Regardless of whether you are new to Salesforce or already an experienced customer, we offer advanced solutions to enhance your work process, integrate data and analytics, and extend functionality to utilize competencies of Salesforce cloud apps for maximum performance.

Pick the best management approach to move your business to the cloud, master your new CRM framework, or build automation software for your organization by engaging a capable and reliable vendor, who genuinely understands the business and your requirements. Emphasis on increasing your business and be sure to gain the benefits from your Salesforce platform with our expert team that is ready to transform your ideas into solutions.

Sales Cloud

Increase deal speed, improve communication with prospects and clients, and increase valuable insight into pipeline and forecasting – all on the same platform. The sum of all these things is increased revenue, and with the right implementation, it’s a sure thing. Sales Cloud gives you the flexibility to mirror your sales and build an explanatory view of your business development custom-made to your unique requirements. Our Sales Cloud expertise allows you to get in-depth details on the right strategy, customization, training methodology to be followed for a successful implementation.

Lead Management

Track the complete lead life-cycle from click to close while improving marketing campaigns across channels.

Opportunity Management

Get all the details on the on-going team's deals. This includes stage, products, competition, quotes, and much more.

Sales Collaboration

Collaborate your sales resources to close deals faster and tap into the company's social network with Chatter. Sales reps can find experts, access competitive information, and track deals.

Sales Performance Management

Track your sales team's performance by setting metrics, providing training notes, offering feedbacks and real-time recognition and rewards.

Reports & Dashboards

Sales cloud dashboards gives a real-time view of the complete business at a glimpse. Simple & quick report generation helps sales teams to dig deeper while managing accounts.

Sales Forecasting

Get a real-time and exact view of your team's predictions. Functionalities such as in-line editing, override visibility, multi-currency support, and much more help you increase a competitive edge.

Service Cloud

Empower your business to deliver top-notch customer service more professionally than eveequest before. Automate case management, create channels for customers, and restructure the support journey. Use Service Cloud to listen and reply to customers through social platforms – while extremely cutting costs. Syndicate this data with your Sales Cloud data to form a complete picture of your customer. Our team can show you how to leverage the full potential of Service cloud. Experience improved agent productivity, decreased case resolution time.

Below are the top Service Cloud features shows the rich functionalities and capabilities.

Case Management

This feature manages the complete lifecycle including; case creation, prioritising, task, escalation, reassignment, and closure. Users can set parameters to influence any of the stages and Service Cloud will execute them automatically. You can position cases as per their priority levels and assign them to suitable agents, so Service Cloud analyses this information and execute the relevant assignment mechanism.

Omni-Channel Routing

This feature helps customer support teams deliver smarter service by interacting with their customers via numerous touch points such as web, email, phone, social media, Live Agent chats, community sites etc. to gather all the cases and smartly routes them to the appropriate agents to initiate an immediate action.

Lightning Service Console

The Lightning Service Console provides service agents a complete view of each case including a 360-degree view of the customer. This helps them in solving cases fast without swapping multiple tabs and getting all the required info at their fingertips in a very easy way.

Field Service Lightning

This feature allows the field service team to deliver faster, smarter, and custom-made services using smart mobile devices with Service Cloud. Field service team can access account information in order to solve customer problems by creating a work order for a case. Service team can schedule field agent's actions, manage their schedules, and track their work all in real-time.

Service Wave Analytics

Service Wave analytics turn insights into action. This app brings the power of wave analytics into the Salesforce Service Cloud. Service managers can quickly check on case management, agent productivity, and channel optimization using any device from anywhere.

Service Cloud Einstein

Salesforce Einstein helps in customer chat automation in order to save time and energy. Einstein Analytics is helping service teams answer common questions like order status, flight details, pricing details etc. Wherever customers need detailed answers, Einstein bots will route the customers to the appropriate service agents.

Marketing Cloud

The Salesforce marketing cloud provides you a 360-degree view of your customers, by giving you a personalized experience and supple service, tailored to your business. Reporting and tracking of your customer journey are made possible by interacting with them via email, mobile, social media, targeted ads, web, predictive intelligence, and customer data platform. The Salesforce Marketing cloud will help you mark out the conversations with your customers, shape predictive journeys, nurture customers into intensely engaged users while giving your marketers accurate insights. The Marketing Cloud gives you a scalable and safe platform while connecting your complete business across disciplines and departments.

A comprehensive set of Salesforce Marketing Cloud Tools

Journey Builder

To help marketers develop 1-to-1 customer journeys across various channels.

Email Studio

Now create custom-made email campaigns to rise customer engagement.

Salesforce DMP

To help marketers capture data from various sources on a unified platform.

Salesforce Data Studio

Empower your marketing team with data from the world's largest premium data ecosystem.

Social Studio

To map, execute and track social media campaigns and engage customers.

Advertising Studio

To help marketers target 1-to-1 advertising using CRM data to acquire and re-engage consumers.

Mobile Studio

Customize mobile communications including SMS, push notifications, and group messaging.

Interaction Studio

Track and manage real-time consumer experiences driving valuable engagement at the right time.

NUNC delivers a complete set of Salesforce Marketing Cloud solutions including Marketing Cloud implementation, customization, consulting, integration, migration, and support & enhancement. Our Salesforce certified Marketing Cloud professionals are experts in integrating Marketing Cloud tools, using real-time intelligence features, help you run custom-made digital campaigns to enable you to observe a new world of marketing ease.


Pardot marketing is an automation platform helps to understand and identify your targeted audience who are interested in your products and services then sending them emails for communication and promotion. Pardot helps to connect customers to engage them with your product or service it also helps to store, track, and manage sales for the marketing teams who handle customer’s preferences. Salesforce Pardot is highly customizable and automates the lead nurturing process for sending emails and identify the prospects and the buyer’s readiness. We make sure this powerful marketing automation tool is set up in a way that allows your staff to work efficiently and implement effective communication strategies.

Best-in-Class Pardot Features

Smarter Engagement

Empower your sales reps with real-time sales alerts, prospect activity tracking, and sales campaign tracking, and engaging customers in smarter ways.

Generate High-quality Leads

Increase your lead pipeline and generate high-quality leads with targeted sales campaigns.

Develop Meaningful Customer Relationships

Transform customer experience by personalizing all the touch-points with Engagement Studio, your B2B marketing command center.

Measure Marketing ROI with Dynamic Reports

Measure the real ROI of your marketing efforts with intelligent reporting and identify the most effective campaigns.

Businesses of various sizes have embraced Pardot to streamline their B2B marketing automation process and have produced significant advantages by combining it with their marketing objectives. At NUNC, we can help you with end-to-end Pardot solutions including implementation, integration, consulting, and support.

Community Cloud

Community building is a key part of strengthening engagement with customers, partners, and employees. Community Cloud connects you to the people you want to engage and empower, bringing them closer to your business, and we all know an engaged customer is a long-standing customer. At NUNC we have professionals to implement Salesforce Community Cloud in the right way for directly connecting with your customers. Consult with our experts to unleash the full potential of Salesforce Cloud. We customize out-of-the-box available features as well as develop custom features.

Employee Community
  • Connect your employees from different branches with the people, content, and apps which will help them accelerate their productivity on the go.
  • Share ideas, communicate updates seamlessly and collaborate files, records and business process across the company leveraging Salesforce Chatter.
  • With ease access files from external systems including OneDrive, Google Drive, SharePoint etc.
Partner Community
  • Empower your partners with a single point of access to CRM records, files and data.
  • Accelerate new partner onboarding, training and sales process.
  • Enable partners to access information and find experts, register new leads, update records, and manage funds, and close more deals more quickly.
  • Streamline approvals and quote processings leveraging Salesforce CPQ.
  • Get a complete view of your channel and partner performance.
Customer Community
  • Drive customer self-service by guiding customers to knowledge articles, FAQs and reduce service calls and time.
  • Automatically route service cases so that no customer question goes unnoticed.
  • Allow customers to seamlessly access their account data and personal information.
  • Drive higher engagement and customer experience across devices.

We offer end-to-end Salesforce Community Cloud solutions including Community Cloud Implementation, Customization, Integration, Migration, Upgradation, Chatter etc.

Analytics Cloud

Salesforce Analytics helps in doing better analysis, additionally, you can retrieve data from your other CRM/ERP or internal systems to Salesforce and execute analysis on-the-go. Our Salesforce Analytics Cloud Implementation Services help you collect, store, analyze and manage the data to help you discover insights, predict outcomes, find recommendations, and act quickly on a complete, AI-powered analytics platform. To make the most of your investment, you can trust our Salesforce Analytics Cloud Developers and support experts who have wide-ranging experience in Salesforce Analytics Cloud Implementation.

Einstein Analytics Features

Einstein Analytics which is the only business analytics solution native to Salesforce, allows users to speed up sales, improve customer service, enhance business processes and get the most out of ROI from their marketing campaigns. Below are some of the features of Einstein Analytics:

  • Field Service Analytics
  • Analytics Explorer
  • Visual Data Prep & Connector
  • Visual Action Designer
  • Mobile Friendly
  • External Data API
Why Choose Einstein Analytics?

Salesforce customers are increasingly using Einstein Analytics which is a complete and intelligent business analytics solution to find concealed opportunities for customer retention and business growth. Here are a few reasons why choose Einstein Analytics.

Analyze data from multiple sources

You can now uncover actionable insights from all possible sources in your business, all within Salesforce.

Tailor your analytics to your business

You can now get the exact information which your business demands with the help of analytics.

Make smarter business decisions

You can now make smarter business decisions with the help of AI-powered analytics and intelligent insights.

Scale your analytics on a secure platform

Einstein Analytics allows you to deploy your analytics on the platform trusted by over 150,000 businesses of all sizes.

Get in touch with our experts to develop a fast-track, simple, reliable & economical Salesforce Implementation services that will take your business to the next level.