Boomi for Salesforce

Accelerate your digital transformation activities by utilizing Dell Boomi – the number 1 Integration Cloud to connect everything you need to and easily engage your customers, irrespective of time, device or location.

Digital transformation today requires speed and agility in accessing data; newer technologies – like SaaS, mobile, and IoT – are increasing exponentially. APIs allow companies to mine the data collected into unified information and actionable insights which, eventually, speed up business outcomes. Dell Boomi offers frictionless API connectivity through all-in-one application and data integration.

Our commitment is to help you create your best digital experiences, irrespective of project complexity.

What can Bhoomi Do?

Our Support Scope

We take-over the complete development and administration support of your Salesforce solution or handle certain support functions, according to your requirements.


By tapping into Boomi, you can automate manual data management tasks, ensure far more accurate data, and quicken business workflows.


Build on Salesforce data and link it to other data sources and operational areas.


Connect Salesforce to other critical business applications for enterprise management, finance, human resources, operations and logistics.


By bringing data together, transform patient experience in Healthcare, give a holistic view of customers in Financial Services, and improve customer loyalty and sales in Retail.

Why Bhoomi?

More than 1,500 Salesforce customers rely on Boomi, and we can help your company, too. Here are the top four reasons why Salesforce customers select Dell Boomi:

  1. Cloud-native, unified platform

    Boomi provides the critical capabilities you need to take control of your hybrid IT environment. We pioneered cloud-native integration, offering the same revolutionary efficiencies of the Salesforce Sales Cloud. Our comprehensive, unified platform delivers a full portfolio of capabilities for meeting any of your integration needs, including key support for application connectivity, data quality assurance, API and EDI management, and workflow automation.

  2. High productivity, low-to-no code environment

    The Boomi integration platform provides the high productivity, low-code development environment necessary for building integrations at today’s speed of business. We take care of the tough technical challenges, address the bulk of standard connectivity tasks, and bake best practices into our platform to help companies move faster and more efficiently.

  3. Rapid time to value and low total cost of ownership

    Customers realize a rapid time to value and a low total cost of ownership when using the Boomi platform due to: a.) Patented A.I. features such as Boomi Suggest, that tackle most of the heavy lifting associated with data and app integration for you; b.) A UI that eliminates the need for expensive coding and development resources; c.) A scalable subscription pricing model that allows you to pay for just what you need.

  4. High customer satisfaction

    Boomi’s 94% subscriber retention rate is among the best in the industry, highlighting the dependability, extensibility, and enterprise quality of our integration platform.

Accelerate your digital transformation activities with Dell Boomi