Smart Toolkit

Smart Toolkit

SMART TOOLKIT is a CEM (Customer Experience Management) Solution from SIA GLOBAL (A Subsidiary of NUNC Systems), for the automotive industry. It focuses on enhancing the customer experience with the help of mobility and analytics. We change even the most cumbersome and siloed processes into a sophisticated & seamless one. Our system Initiates, tracks, oversees and organizes every customer interaction in a way which will make them feel like coming back to you again. Customers will be able to perform any and every activity with the business via the most easily accessible media - mobile. Enhanced customer experience would directly impact the customer satisfaction scores, loyalty & advocacy. Our solution also helps you to lower costs by handling all the customer communication in the most efficient manner at almost ZERO cost. It will also mitigate challenges involved in the manual/oral communication of information to customers.


  • Customer Alerts: Automated, personalized and sophisticated alerts with effective call to action
  • Appointments: Easy way to book, manage, track appointments in a ziffy
  • Feedbacks: Convenient and most effective way of feedback collection and sharing
  • Payments: Easy way to collect payments and being relevant to the current times.

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