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Rover sight is a digital platform that sets a new standard in pet care. It gives service providers the information they need when they need it. It automates the particulars of management and communication, and authenticates services delivered through a lens of granular visibility clients and service providers alike. Service providers gain enormous competitive advantages - in saving time and increase the revenue. Their clients are highly engaged - and elated - because Rover sight enables a quality of care and assure and no competitors would trouble the work.


  • Rover sight has fashioned a digital stand (both web and mobile applications) for the dog walking companies, clients and dog walkers to register and connect with each other
  • A customized calendar has been created to accommodate scheduling dog walks, assigning and coordinating walk schedules
  • A customized calendar has been created to put up scheduling dog walks, assigning and organizing walk schedules.
  • GPS tracking system has been implemented to provide real time visibility of the walks to clients.
  • Announcement system has been established on both web and mobile applications to provide regularly by keeping posted about walk scheduling and dog walk to its users
  • Payment gateway was created to handle billing and costs from dog walking companies
  • Fantastic Administration functionality is implemented to ensure smooth handling of dog walking companies and its clients.
Tools and Technologies used : Web Application : PHP, Laravel   Mobile: Android, IOS

Rover Sight

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