IT Services

IT Services

We provide Technology Consulting, IT Facilities Management, LAN, WAN Networking, Virtual Private Network, Internet and Intranet solutions for businesses.

Services include

Network and system design

With a thorough understanding of all network types — wired, wireless — Nunc Systems has extensive experience with LAN, storage/server room, data center applications. Nunc Systems has the depth of resources necessary to provide the engineering services to design, furnish and install the products, components and accessories for a network custom-designed to meet your specific need.

Nunc Systems also serves as a system integrator for your network design, which means we specialize in bringing together multiple systems for inputting, processing, interpreting, storing and categorizing data. We work closely with you to develop affordable, scalable solutions, whether you need something new, want to add to your existing network, or need to upgrade and replace an outdated network.

Backup Management

Businesses large and small create and manage large volumes of electronic information or data. Much of that data is important. Some data is vital to the survival and continued operation of the business. The impact of data loss or corruption from hardware failure, human error, hacking or malware could be significant. We provide the best plan for data backup and restoration of electronic information which is essential.


Sooner or later, your small business will need more space for data storage. Information in the form of emails, documents, presentations, databases, graphics, audio files and spreadsheets is the lifeblood of most companies, and the applications that run and protect your business require a lot of disk space. In addition, a number of trends are fueling our growing hunger for storage Storing information and managing its storage is critical to a company's behind-the-scenes success. Fortunately, we provide options available to small businesses for both the actual storage and the location of that storage. Often, the best solution is a combination of different storage options.

Disaster Recovery Management

Our Recovery strategies are developed for Information technology (IT) systems, applications and data. This includes networks, servers, desktops, laptops, wireless devices, data and connectivity. Priorities for IT recovery are consistent with the priorities for recovery of business functions and processes that were developed during the business impact analysis. Our resources support time-sensitive business functions and processes. The recovery time for an IT resource will match the recovery time objective for the business function or process that depends on the IT resource.

Information technology systems require hardware, software, data and connectivity. Without one component of the “system,” the system may not run. Therefore, our recovery strategies are developed to anticipate the loss of one or more of the following system components:

  1. Computer room environment (secure computer room with climate control, conditioned and backup power supply, etc.)
  2. Hardware (networks, servers, desktop and laptop computers, wireless devices and peripherals)
  3. Connectivity to a service provider (fiber, cable, wireless, etc.)
  4. Software applications.
  5. Data and restoration

Network Monitoring

Monitoring helps network and systems administrators identify possible issues before they affect business continuity and to find the root cause of problems when something goes wrong in the network. Be it a small business with less than 50 nodes or a large enterprise with more than 1000 nodes, continuous monitoring helps to develop and maintain a high performing network with little downtime.

For network monitoring to be a value addition to a network, our monitoring design adopt basic principles. For one, our monitoring system is comprehensive and cover every aspect of an enterprise, such as the network and connectivity, systems as well as security. It also provides a single-pane-of-glass view into everything about the network and includes reporting, problem detection, resolution, and network maintenance. Further, our monitoring system will provide reports that can cater to a different level of audiences—the network and systems admin, as well as to management such as CEO, CIO, and CTO.

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