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The GREEN PHABLET powered by the GreenSIM is priced at US$ 299 is being developed by the ICRISAT Centre of Excellence in ICT Innovations for Agriculture in collaboration with NUNC Systems, an IT company based in Hyderabad. “The device acts like a mobile rural knowledge centre/common service centre, enabling farmers to benefit with modern information and communication technologies and intensifying Internet connectivity in remote rural regions,” says Dr. Dileepkumar Guntuku, Global Leader and Director, ICRISAT Centre of Excellence in ICT Innovations for Agriculture.

“Real time information sharing between farmers and researchers aids farmers to improve crop productivity and researchers to collect accurate data in practical sense. This paves the path for future innovations in the field of agriculture,” says Sandeep Dega, Senior Director, NUNC Systems.

Green Phablet


ScoutPro is a user-friendly mobile- field scouting app for farmers and agricultural industry professionals. This app allows users to scout and identify weeds, insects, disease and disorders while in the field. Users can upload important field data, images and notes to generate field specific scouting reports.


  • Easily accessible and simple to use app on iPad 2 and iPhone
  • Step through identification process helps users narrow down pests by identifying attributes
  • Finding farm fields using GPS location based services
  • Provides multiple, high quality photos of identified pests along with pest’s background, life cycle and threshold information
  • Ability to generate field specific scouting reports through provided data fields including staging of pests, weather, plant population, stand count, pest pressure, etc.
  • Allows user to upload images to scouting report for better record keeping
  • Field mapping capabilities are included to allow cellular data enabled users to map fields, via GPS coordinates for increased accuracy in reporting
Tools and Technologies used : PHP, Laravel, Xcode, Objective C, iOS SDK, UI Kit, JSON Frameworks, AV Audio Player Frameworks, Core Animations.




Krishi Gyan sagar is an Android Tablet Application used to establish linkages between research-extension-markets through innovation ICT (information and communication technology) mediated extension systems and public -private partnership for improving productivity and profitability of smallholder agriculture, to establish linkage between farmer and Scientist at right time through right channel.


  • This Application is available in multiple languages like English, Kannada etc...This feature will increase user interaction and copes to enter all the data making it highly flexible
  • GS App has capability of withholding huge data related to thousands of farmers corresponding their farms as well, there by nurturing the efficiency
  • Making Farmers more profitable.
  • GPS feature in the application helps to locate the farmer and his crops
  • It would be useful for easy approach towards to the farmers for production of crops
  • This Application vision is to improve the Farmer in the agricultural sector
  • his Application seeks to reduce poverty, increase agricultural productivity, enhance food and nutritional security and protect the environment of the dry tropics
Tools and Technologies used : JAVA, Android development tool (Eclipse)

Krishi Gyan sagar

Krishi Gyan sagar


Calculator app is the software solution which helps the farmer to know the accurate approach of achieving profits. It helps to provide the accurate operating costs to sell the inventory. This application aids for the decision making of the farmer without creating ambiguity. Just by entering the attributes in the application the famer can have a calculated result, thus making the process a hassle free one.


  • Attributes made ready to fill in the details of the Bushels.
  • Accurate calculations can be achieved once the details are given
  • Every segment has the particulars from the inception
  • Simple and efficient presentation of the application
  • A native free software which is harmonious to all the existing operating systems
  • Quick and efficient mechanism
Technologies Used: Android & iOS.

Calculator App


Rover sight is a digital platform that sets a new standard in pet care. It gives service providers the information they need when they need it. It automates the particulars of management and communication, and authenticates services delivered through a lens of granular visibility clients and service providers alike. Service providers gain enormous competitive advantages - in saving time and increase the revenue. Their clients are highly engaged - and elated - because Rover sight enables a quality of care and assure and no competitors would trouble the work:

  • Rover sight has fashioned a digital stand (both web and mobile applications) for the dog walking companies, clients and dog walkers to register and connect with each other
  • A customized calendar has been created to accommodate scheduling dog walks, assigning and coordinating walk schedules
  • A customized calendar has been created to put up scheduling dog walks, assigning and organizing walk schedules.
  • GPS tracking system has been implemented to provide real time visibility of the walks to clients.
  • Announcement system has been established on both web and mobile applications to provide regularly by keeping posted about walk scheduling and dog walk to its users
  • Payment gateway was created to handle billing and costs from dog walking companies
  • Fantastic Administration functionality is implemented to ensure smooth handling of dog walking companies and its clients.
Tools and Technologies used : Web Application : PHP, Laravel   Mobile: Android, IOS

Rover Sight

R.E.M.S (Residential Estimating Management System)

The purpose of this software is to allow electrical companies to effortlessly bid out a project in a stipulated time frame and present the home builder with a professional set of plans that display where electric components will be inserted within the house:

  • R.E.M.S software provides a multitude of features to the Electric Companies to swiftly offer a project to the home builders
  • It helps Electric Companies to create a Home Builder account, create a project for the Home Builder and prepare a plan to depict the positioning of electric components in a house
  • The Android tablet version helps Field Manager to educate the home owner in regards to the concerned project. Later they take the feedback regarding the plan
  • On receiving the feedback, the Field Manager can attach improvements noted to the plan
  • The engineer can then work on the required changes and update the plan accordingly
  • The software enables the company to manage the inventory and generate the various reports related to the organization
Tools and Technologies used: Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP, CodeIgniter Web Framework, Raphael JS, Android.



Billnox is a basic mobile application that is user friendly and empowers clients to profit a good amount of cashback or rebate through redemption of Billnox virtual discount coins that are earned as cashback on an extensive variety of items and services that they purchase from their neighbourhood stores and also different other shops in a city that are shown in the application, including the online stores. These free Billnox coins resemble a typical man's bit coin and significantly more rewarding when contrasted with a bit coin.


  • Users get the best deal in contrast with some other existing application or online business destinations
  • Shows closest shops offering rebate on all items and services under the sun
  • Merchants can offer tailor made arrangements to singular clients and show it through the application
  • Clients get free coins from various perspectives and can reclaim them for high rebates
Tools and Technologies utilized: HTML, CSS, PHP, JAVA SCRIPT, JQUERY and AJAX.


SPLASH - Multi User Chat App

The objective of this specific application is to improvise the utilisation of social networking by giving it a modern way of connecting. As this works as a medium to connect different people by using a single mobile application along with various other tools in built.

SPLASH –CHAT endeavours special features which has one on one connectivity as well as pools which are used as “Public” and “Private”. In addition to these, this application also has a feature of commenting on the public pool messages which enables the user to have more room to communicate.


  • Effective communication medium to transfer the information.
  • Ample choice of pools which helps to make the socialization more feasible
  • Distinguished ways of traversing the data by using the medium
Tools and Technologies used : Xcode, Objective C, iOS SDK, JAVA, Android, XMPP, Open fire



AVA deals with video content creation and marketing for more lucrative industries like Automotive (primary), Aviation, Boats (Oceanic), Farm Equipment, Heavy Equipment, Power Sports, Real Estate, Recreational Vehicles, Trucking and more. Devoted in creating, managing, and distributing the video content to different online portals, channels and on clients own websites, through simple to use embedded code and URL formats for both web and mobile platforms, which helps the clients with escalated sales.

Video Inventory Mobile Manager (VIMM)

Video Inventory Mobile Manager (VIMM) provides a simple and easy way for automotive dealers to record walk-a-round videos and audio of vehicles in inventory. You can manage multiple rooftops from this app. This way automotive dealers get exposed to a variety of new vehicles on launch also keeping track with the old ones.


  • Upload videos to the dealer website instantly from your phone, YouTube, Facebook and other social media venues
  • Watch videos on the mobile device itself
  • Provides current inventory & vehicle descriptions
  • Ability to search vehicles by stock number & save to favourites
  • Easily identify inventory that does not have a live video and simply click to record
Tools and Technologies Used: Android, iOS, PHP.

VIMM Android


Malaysian Parking Application

Dewan Bandaria Kuala Lampur is in charge of general wellbeing and sanitation, waste management and administration, town arranging, natural insurance and building control, social and monetary advancement and general support elements of urban foundation. The DBKL airport needs a well-planned innovative Parking System for the easy access of parking slots for the airport uses and travellers so that they can park their vehicles in a hassle free manner. Since the security of the vehicles is the major priority, a technological app is required to enable the users with a safe ticketing system. We are working on the parking application to make it a highly advanced and an Innovative one.


  • Highly advanced Parking System
  • Digital Approach
  • One on One Service
Tools and Technologies Used: Mobile App Development Frameworks for two roles.

Malaysian Parking Application

Easy Seva

Easy Seva is a single point destination for the general public who prefer to save time on surfing for service providers who would offer a wide range of domestic and official purposes starting from household services to corporate needs. We are here to bridge the gap between the customer (Service Seeker) and the Service Provider. We provide all kinds of information regarding Medical Assistance, Electronic Goods &Services, event planning, consultation for education overseas, housekeeping, automobile servicing and many more. Common public can get their colloquial activities done in one click by installing this mobile app.


  • User friendly platform that helps in approaching service providers
  • Services made handy for regular activities
  • Low level services to high level services
  • Caters the need for household as well as corporates
  • Quick and efficient platform
Tools and Technologies Used: Ionic Frameworks, PHP.

Easy Seva

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