You keep things simple

If you like approaching hard problems with simple solutions, you'll like working with us. We are building the company we want to work for everyday and we encourage everyone to take part in coming up with simpler, better ways to do things. "Done" trumps "perfect".

You love small teams

We are a small team and growing fast. We like to work independently as well as in small groups to avoid group-think and cover all our blind spots when we brainstorm. Each team member is specialized, but we all work on a variety of things — together. Have a great idea? Test it with us!

You like variety

We work in different cross-functional teams every few weeks so that everyone can work with new and different people on a variety of projects. We like giving every team member opportunities to shine in different areas and develop their skill sets more than what their title says they should do.

You like balance

We work hard, but we also have lives apart from work. While we focus on getting things done in or out of the office, we also hold our time with our family, friends, and hobbies very dearly. We understand we are all humans, not eight-armed robots (although some of us may seem like it because of the amount of work that is done!). That doesn't mean we slack off though. We trust that everyone will make decisions that are right for themselves and right for the business.